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My Mom Has Fibromyalgia – Reading This Made Me Cry

This is the story of a cute and lovely hearted little boy Dylan who saw her mom struggling from pain.

Today I am going to share a story of Tiffany Case’s 10-year-old son. Her son got a school assignment to write a paper on “someone he knew that has to deal with daily struggling with pain”. First of all, it was an informative school assignment that could help young ones to understand life and that we face a lot of struggles in life. Life is full of ups and downs and somehow we have to face them.

Dylan is an amazing, cute and lovely boy who chose to write a paper on his mom, who suffers from an invisible illness “Fibromyalgia”. Tiffany says that it was the first time she had seen someone interested in knowing about her illness. She said, “People don’t like to talk about things that make them uncomfortable.” But as you all know that children don’t know the filters of what to ask and what not to ask and that makes them beautiful, their purity of soul and innocence wins our hearts.

For Tiffany, this was not an easy conversation( you will second my conversation with the child are not the easy one). And why because she has thoughts that what do I tell my baby who I have disappointed a lot of times because of being sick or being in pain. It is hard for me to choose the right words to try to make some sense to my 10-year-old boy so he understands my points that most adults don’t do. 🙁

I began telling my story of the last 13 year of miseries and pain. I have to hide my tears from him. It takes nearly an hour to explain to him the bitter reality of this invisible illness. He listens to me, ask the question and tells me much time with his cute voice “you are the best Mama in the world”

Do you like the letter? Do you see who children often understand way much much better than we often assume? I know many of you struggles with parenting along dealing with fibromyalgia and I hope this letter boast your motivations and make you feel that your children always love you no matter what happens and they understand far more than our imagination. Thank you Tiffany for sharing your boy letter and your story.

Here is the photo of Dylan’s letter:

Here is the readable version of the above letter:

Struggles by Dylan Shaw

My struggles paper is going to be about my mom and how she deals with her Fibromyalgia, my mom calls it Fibro. My mom had is since she was 20 and [is] now 33. “People think you are lazy and crazy. It takes a toll on my family and it causes pain in every part of my body to where it is so bad my hair and toenails hurt.”

The worst thing about Fibro is there is no cure for it. People with Fibro will live with it to the day they die. It took my mom’s dreams away from her and took her job she loved so much as a nurse. 9 out of 10 times my mom is not feeling good. Other than pain, the other two things are the complete lack of energy and the misunderstanding of others. My mom does not get to spend time with her family and that really makes her sad. If she gets sick, it takes a while for her to get better. But, at the end of the day, I will always love my mom, and she has made it 13 years with Fibro.

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