Gardening and Fibromyalgia

For those living with chronic pain, it can look like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Dealing with health issues each day is bad enough, but when it is a disease that we do not know much about, the situation can be much worse. FM is a disorder that can affect various parts of the body, and it is different for everyone. Some people have joint problems, while others describe having widespread pain all over the body; it is linked with sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome, and can affect memory and focus.

As a person who suffers from the discomfort and pain of FM, you have probably already given up many of the things that give you joy in life. You may have eliminated or rationalized your social activities, cut out engaging in entertaining sports, or stopped doing family things. You may have even had to leave your job in order to deal with the problems of FM. But if you find pleasure in gardening, you don’t have to let FM take that away from your life, as well.

Dealing with Fibromyalgia

For those who are living with FM, it seems improbable to get up and exercise, mainly on the bad days that are accompanied by a migraine. However, getting in a workout is one of the best ways to get symptoms in control, and there are many easy ways to get started. Do not think of exercise in the traditional sense; rather, look for ways you can move your body that will be advantageous and keep you attentive. For instance, when you enjoy and move your body through gardening, it is much easier to stay encouraged.

Gardening is the perfect exercise to start with when you are trying to get your FM symptoms under control. When you are first diagnosed, you know you need to start small and build up your workouts to avoid adding to your pain load. You just need to do simple stretches and concentrate on the sensation in your muscles as you move. But knowing your body’s boundaries and capabilities is quite important.

Why Gardening?

Gardening is such great exercise because it lets you to work at your own speed, get in the open air for some vitamin D, and use a variety of muscle groups. Much like swimming, it can be as moderate or as passionate as you want it to be. It can also help you get in good physical shape overall, you can find that growing your own veggies permitted you to take a second look at your diet. It certainly help you make a lifestyle modification, in many ways.

If you have never had a garden before, or feel lost when it comes to getting started, do not worry. You do not have to have a huge plot of land or a lot of knowledge to make it a success. Gardens can be as big or as small as you want, and you can include all the things you enjoy. The best way to start is to plan what kind of garden you want, look at the location you are thinking about using, and do some research on the best period of the year to get started.

Here are five FM gardening tips to get you digging in the dirt again.

Grow Plants in Tall Urns

One way to virtually remove all bending is to cultivate your favorite plants in tall urns in the garden. Place them next to seating benches so that you can rest as you lazily apply fertilizer, trim plants or clip fresh flowers to carry them indoors.

Grow a Vertical Garden

The pain of FM usually forbids lots of walking and stooping. With a vertical garden, you significantly reduce the amount of movement necessary to maintain, grow, and harvest your garden. The vertical garden can take countless forms, and have extents that make you the most relaxed. There will be no need to bend down low or reach high if you do not want.

Invest in a Sun Awning

Those reversible sunshades that you see on TV and in magazines can offer true value to FM sufferers. Usually, strong heat is a source of discomfort and great pain, and its trigger for fibro flares in many patients. With a large sun shelter, however, you can enjoy tending to your potted garden plants under the cool shade of the sunshade. Pick plants that do not like to be in full sun, and you should be able to cultivate healthy plants in no time.

Have an Indoor Herb Garden

One of our preferred FM gardening tips, as one of the simplest ways to garden and enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking is to cultivate an indoor herb garden. It does not take much to set up. You can place all your preserved herbs in an indoor window box for your kitchen window, or place individual pots of herbs adjacent your cooking area. In each way, all you require to do is water every now and then and clip off your fresh herbs as desired.

Avoid High Pollen Season

Allergies are especially inconvenient for FM sufferers. Pay attention to your local weather forecast and avoid gardening in the open on days when the pollen count is quite high. Spring is generally high in pollen, but your area of the country will have its own distinctiveness based on the trees and natural plants there.

You have already given up so much to FM. Do not let such a calming activity as gardening slip away. Use these FM gardening tips to enjoy growing the fruits, vegetables, and flowers that you love most.

Talk to your physician about the best ways to make a positive transformation and whether you are prepared for regular exercise. If you are living with FM and are thinking about making a huge adjustment for your body’s sake, consider starting a garden. It is a great way to get outside, move your body, and fight back against your chronic pain.

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